General Description:

Imaging modes:                            B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B

Scanning mode:                            Convex, Linear

Gray scale levels:                           256

Display:                                  12.1” high resolution LCD monitor

Transducer connector:                       1

Scanning depth:                            up to 240mm

Dynamic imaging technologies:                Digital Beam-forming

                                         Digital Frequency Scan

                                         Dynamic Receiving focusing

                                         Dynamic Receiving apodization

                                         Real-time Dynamic Aperture


Imaging processing:



Dynamic range

Frame corrletion

Line corrletion

Edge enhacement

Black/white conversion

Left/right conversion

Up/down conversion



Gamma correction




Zoom:                       Real-time zoom, local zoom, Multi-stage display rate

Cine loop:                    64,128,256,512,1024 frame;Auto/manual cine loop

Storage function             Image storage, cine loop storage, mass storage capacity≥10G

Variable angle scanning:         16kinds of angle scanning include: 25%, 30%, 35%, …100


Software function:

General Measurement:       Distance, cirumference, area, volume

Calculation package:        Cardiac, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Orthopedics, small parts



Standard Configuration:

Main unit

12.1” LCD monitor

One transducer connector

8-segment TGC

1024-frame cine loop

Storage capacity more than 10G

Convex array probe C3.5MHz R60



(1) Transducers

Convex: C3.2MHzR20, central frequency 3.2 MHz;

Linear L6.0MHzL40, central frequency 6.0 MHz;

Visual convex E6.5MHzR10, central frequency 6.5 MHz

Endocavity: E6.5MHzR13, central frequency 6.5 MHz

Cardiac: C5.0MHzR20, central frequency 5.0 MHz

(2)Ultrasound report software: edit directly on this machine and print the standard ultrasound report are available 

(3) DICOM3.0 transmission, a medical digital imaging and communication, is the industrial standard that an image and other information communicate among different medical equipment through the internet.

(4) High capacity cine loop (max 1024frame)

(5) Real-time Ethernet transmission

(6)THI Tissue harmonic imaging

(7)Support many kinds of printer.





Medical image

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